All Alone


In three parts of the film we observe emotional fazes of the main character after a divorce. The mother got the custody. In the first part he tries to get more time with his child legally, trough the institutions. After failing, he looks for the alternative solutions. That’s when the second part of the film begins. He tries to find some stains on his ex-wife’s personality, his uncle urges him to kidnap the child and escape to another country… But he decides not to do any of those things, because they are illegal. The third part is a break from the two previous parts. He spends time with his child playing outside. But even that doesn’t end good. Or it just seems that way.



Director: Bobo Jelčić

Screenwriter: Bobo Jelčić


Editor: N/A

Composer: N/A

Sound designer: N/A

Actors: N/A

Producer: Zdenka Gold


IN DEVELOPMENT/HAVC script development/production support