Sierra Nevada

'Brimming with enthusiasm and great innocence, we embark upon our
journey of life eagerly relishing the path, because, you know,
history begins with us.  Well trained and counting on our reason
(that has never betrayed us!), we diagnose the world and make
predictions regarding ”the bright future”. Evil can only reach
the others. Considering ourselves to be touched by God’s grace,
we see nothing in the eyes of our fellow, but the confirmation
of our mission. One day, alas, our beloved fellow leaves us for
good. And then something in us changes. And we grieve. Then,
year after year, we commemorate his departure. As for the
departed one, we come to forget him. Little by little.

My father died on May 21st 2007.’


Director: Cristi Puiu

Screenwriter: Cristi Puiu

DOP: Barbu Balasoiu

Editor: Ioachim Stroe

Composer: Bojan Gagić

Sound designer: N/A

Actors: Mimi Branescu, Marin Grigore, Judith State, Ilona Brezoianu, Petra Kurtela

Producer: Anca Puiu / Mandragora, Rumunjska

Co-producers: Laurence Clerc / Alcatraz Films, Francuska

Olivier Thery Lapiney / Alcatraz Films, Francuska

Zdenka Gold / Spiritus movens, Hrvatska

Labina Mitevska / Sisters and Brother Mitevski, Makedonija

Mirsad Purivatra / 2006, Bosna i Hercegovina


IN PRODUCTION/ CNC Romania / HAVC / Macedonian Film Agency / Fondacija za kinematografiju Sarajevo / EURIMAGES


*One of 5 most expected films in 2015.