The Longest Summer on Earth


The summer is exceptionally hot, the streets of Belgrade are empty, three couples’ stories intertwine, almost randomly. During six days a larger picture of only one couple emerges. One couple, in three key stages of their life.

Vladimir (48) is leaving Vera (48) after twenty years of marriage and returns to his father’s apartment. He is in a limbo between the old life of being a school principal and the new life with his carefree and well–off girlfriend. Vera pretends nothing has changed, but the events concerning patient neglect, at the morally corrupt hospital where she works as an anesthesiologist, break her down. She becomes emotionally dysfunctional, like the society she keeps colliding with.

Branko (25) unexpectedly meets his lifelong friend Olja (25), who’s  been living in Toronto. They immerse themselves in nights and days of sexual and drug exploration. While motor biking through Croatia they rediscover the love they share.  However, signs of issues Olja had hoped she left behind, start resurfacing.

Lola (11) has to move to Canada, where her seriously ill younger brother can be treated. Feeling abandoned by her parents, while all of her friends are at the seaside, she finds her place with an adventurous classmate, a boy named Pec  (11). Their careless fun is overshadowed by the approaching date when Lola will leave the country for good – something she can’t bring herself to tell Pec.

Lola is leaving Pec behind, but they both believe their silent pact will overcome the distance separating them. At the pinnacle of their love, Olja admits to Branko that her brother recently died after years of struggle and decides not to return to Toronto, certain in their future together. Vladimir learns his girlfriend is pregnant and realizes he will never have a family with Vera, the love of his life. Vera, feeling helpless and trapped, decides to quit her job. On a desolated beach, under the blazing sun, she reconciles with her life choices and dives in to the water.


Director: Maša Nesković

Screenwriter: Staša Bajac


Editor: N/A

Composer: N/A

Sound designer: N/A

Actors: N/A

Producers: Nataša Damnjanović i Vladimir Vidić / Dart film, Serbia

Co-producer: Zdenka Gold / Spiritus Movens Production, Croatia


IN DEVELOPMENT / Project development in EAVE 2013