White House


White House is a film about a stone from the island of Brac, Croatia. There is a legend that the White House in Washington was built with that particular stone. The story is told through intimate portraits of five people who live from this stone.

The main question is why are Brac residents still sweating and pulling and embossing the stone, when they could lead an easier life.

Brac is an island of great social contrasts. The firm that was pulling out the stone, and the largest employer on the island, went bankrupt under unclear circumstances. The task of the film is not to cover this story, but to show the devastating consequences for the former employees.


Director: Ranko Pauković

Screenwriter: Ranko Pauković

DOP: Ranko Pauković

Editor: Ranko Pauković

Composer: Denis Lepur

Sound designer: Ranko Pauković

Actors: /

Producer: Zdenka Gold