A Stranger


When Slavko’s old friend Đulaga dies, Slavko feels obliged to go to the funeral. But in his hometown of Mostar, in Bosnia & Herzegovina, this simple social obligation has the potential to get him into all kinds of trouble: with his neighbours or even with local political bigwigs. Yet if he does not go, his wife will think he’s a coward, the grieving family will never forgive him – and he might have trouble forgiving himself. This is a compelling tale of everyday life in a fractured society, and a world where paranoia, comedy and drama co-exist. It is also an astute psychological portrait of a man who is forced to cross the invisible line that divides two communities. Above all, it is the story of a man who lost everything that defined him, when his country disintegrated.


Director: Bobo Jelčić

Screenwriter: Bobo Jelčić

DOP: Erol Zubčević

Editor: Ivana Fumić

Composer: /

Sound designer: Ranko Pauković

Actors: Bogdan Diklić, Nada Đurevska

Producer: Zdenka Gold

Co-producers: Josip Popovac / HRT

Tomislav Bubalo / Kadar

Tomislav Topić / Kadar