Three women, all different ages and origin meet in a waiting room of a ophthalmic clinic. The youngest of them, girl Saša, listens in on a conversation between two older women, and learns of a horrible tragedy that happened to one of them during a war. Saša’s indifference is replaced by feeling of closeness and acknowledgment. But every possibility of their interaction is irretrievably lost.


Director: Dubravka Turić

Screenwriter: Dubravka Turić

DOP: Branko Linta, HFS

Editor: Dubravka Turić

Kompozitor: /

Sound designer: Dubravka Premar

Actors: Saša Naumov, Nada Đurevska, Lana Barić, Dražen Kuhn, Anita Matković

Producer: Zdenka Gold