Dead Don’t Cry


Seven naked people, that don’t know each other, crammed in an aquarium filled with water. Only their heads and shoulders are out of the water. They do not know how they got there. They’re trying to make some space for themselves, but they do not succeed. They are completely deprived of intimacy. One of them is dead, they are standing on him. One of them tries to escape and after crossing the edge of the aquarium, disappears into the abyss. Anxiety and panic in a small space are unbearable. Suddenly one of them is beheaded.

What happened, hoe did they end up here, who put them there? Maybe aliens?

Have you ever thought what happens with flowers when you pick them, put in the vase and let them die?


Director: Svebor Kranjc

Screenwriter: Svebor Kranjc

DOP: Vanja Černjul

Editor: N/A

Composer: N/A

Sound designer: N/A

Actors: N/A

Producer: Zdenka Gold