See You in One Year!


Paula was the scriptwriter for a documentary about cancer patients, until she learned that she herself had breast cancer – and became a reluctant, but witty, angry and memorable player in her own script.

As well as the doctors who guide her through this illness, the film also documents the stories of three other women – Vesna, Almenka and Kira – whose treatment follows the same path as hers.

We share the doubts, hopes and fears of all four women as they cope with surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and the loss of feminine attributes including breasts and hair, and also, the loss of a loved one.

Above all, we follow Paula’s entire journey: from the diagnosis where she first learns that she has breast cancer, to the moment when her medical team finally gives her the all clear – ‘see you in one year!’, and her return to a day-to-day life that will never be the same again.



Director: Marko Stanić

Screenwriter: Paula Bobanović

DOP: Marko Stanić

Editor: Tomislav Pović

Composer: Denis Lepur

Sound designer: Tomislav Pović

Actors: /

Producer: Zdenka Gold