Short Plays / Jersey Exchange


31 short films between 3 and 5 minutes long that are connected to football trough powerful, emotional stories of people around the world.

31 metaphors that are each developed from a particular aspect of the game of football.


Bobo Jelčić’s Film

Wedding hall. Men are standing at the bar, their eyes glued on TV, whatching football. Women are in rage because of their behaviour, sitting at the table. Until bride decides to do something about it…


Director Short Plays: Daniel Gruener

Director Short Plays Croatia – Jersey Exchange: Bobo Jelčić

Screenwriter: Bobo Jelčić

DOP: Mirko Pivčević

Editor: Lea Mileta

Composer: /

Sound designer: Hrvoje Petek

Actors: Ivana Krizmanić i Pentravci

Production Short Plays: Cinemateli, GB, Arte Mecanica i Itaca Films

Producer Short Plays Croatia: Zdenka Gold