Slave to the Rhythm


This is a parallel story about two men who chose very exotic careers.

Both of them belong to the same region and climate, the Adriatc.

The first one is observing it from an extremely calm and slow perspective, whereas the other one is observing it from the state of perpetual motion.

The film explores the notion of time in which the flow of time depends on the perception of the observer.

This is a film about the rhythm of life and its transience as seen from two diametriccaly opposed views on life.

The first one measures life according to the change of the seasons; the other one measures it to seconds that could be of life importance.

The first one is anchored in the middle of open sea for weeks, and the other one flies into new challenges every day.

The first one is the lighthouse keeper on a deserted island, and the other one is a pilot of a Canadair plane.


Director: Marko Stanić

Screenwriter: Marko Stanić i Paula Bobanović

DOP: Marko Stanić

Editor: N/A

Composer: Denis Lepur

Sound designer: N/A

Actors: –

Producer: Zdenka Gold


IN DEVELOPMENT/HAVC project development/EURODOC 2011 project development